Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gentle Giants

As luck would have it, while in California visiting, the SF Giants are in town.
Even more lucky for us, they were playing the Chicago Cubs.
What are the odds of that?

So we rented a van and jam packed everyone in.
Including my mom and dad.
Because to be honest, I couldn't really picture going to a baseball game without my dad.

The weather was beautiful.
I expected it to be a little cold, but it turned out to be much warmer than I thought.
The warmer weather didn't bother Lily.
She proudly wore her fuzzy panda hat...
Because I packed for cooler weather, I didn't think sunscreen would be necessary.
This was all we could do for the tiniest of fans...
In the end, the Giants lost.
We were sad, Joe was not.
My fair weather husband made sure to take off the Giants jersey he had been sporting almost the entire game to reveal the Cubs shirt he had on underneath.
Pick a side pal!
I love making these memories with my kids.
It's even sweeter when Ditado and Papa are a part of it.

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