Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kindergarten Celebration

One of the most special little people I know celebrated her Kindergarten graduation tonight...
We made the extremely wise decision to make a bid at the school carnival for front row seats to this event.
We didn't realize our front row seats also came with front row parking...
The best $40 we could have spent.
My special graduate and the amazing teacher that brought her leaps and bounds from the beginning of the year to the end...
Future First Graders...
Seeing Sophia up on that stage made me smile.
She was in her element.
While she sang her heart out, her eyes sparkled with happiness.
She was the biggest star up on that stage...
They introduced each child and gave us insight on what they want to be when they grow up.
I wasn't completely surprised when we were told that Sophia wants to be an art teacher...
The class of 2026...
Two children were chosen for the Citizenship of the Year award.
Look which incredibly sweet little girl received this honor...
Take center stage dear girl because you are a star...
The pride I feel for my Sophia cannot be explained.
She started out the year struggling a bit.
Only 9 weeks into her school year, Sophia was in danger of being kept behind.
Her reading level was below where she was supposed to be.
By her second 9 weeks, Sophia kicked it into high gear and it seemed as if everything just clicked.
Now here she is being awarded the Citizenship of the Year award.
Her expected reading level to leave kindergarten is a 4.
Sophia graduated with a 6.
She is the picture of determination and hard work.
She is truly a special girl who lights up my life.

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