Friday, June 15, 2012

Lake Geneva

In the midst of moving from Arkansas to Texas, we took a small break.
We had to in order to keep our sanity.
Heat+Moving Boxes+Pregnancy= A family who needs a vacation.

So we dug through the heap of boxes and found a couple of empty suitcases and flew to Chicago for a week.
One stop we knew we had to make was to Lake Geneva.
The girls wanted a picnic on a beach and to play in the water (no matter how cold it might be).
So that's just what we gave them.
See how happy it made them...
While Joe and I set the picnic up, the girls went about digging and building in the sand...
I wasn't sure how Sophia would feel about having the sand in her toes.
The last time we were here, she spent her time sitting with Joe on the safety of the beach blanket.
This time she loved it.
I even caught her dumping sand on herself.
Boy the difference two years makes...
So busy...
Our time at Lake Geneva was limited.
We had other plans for later in the evening.
But the girls had plenty of time to eat, play and swim.
Lily even got to try her hand at "fishing".
(i.e. scooping up a floating fish in the water)...
Dinner anyone?

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