Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elf: Day 15

Snowflake did a very nice thing last night.
Lily lost one of her very loose teeth.
Sophia, who can typically do anything Lily can, was very upset that Lily lost yet another tooth and that hers wasn't even loose.
Snowflake used her elf magic to contact the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy left a little something for Sophia as well, along with a sweet note.
It made one certain 5 year old very happy.
And kept her from taking matters into her own hands.
If you know Sophia, you know what I mean.
Snowflake jumped  on the back of the nutcracker to see Sophia's reaction...
Thank you for taking a sticky situation and making it sweet.
However, if Lily loses another tooth before Sophia does, we may have to hide the hammers.

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