Friday, May 14, 2010

The Dogs of Babel

"This exuberantly praised bestseller-one of the year's most admired and enjoyed fiction debuts-tells the story of a man's quest to solve the mystery of his wife's death with the help of the only witness: their dog, Lorelei.  Written with a quiet elegance and a profound knowledge of love's hidden places, The Dogs of Babel is a work of astonishing and lasting power-a story of marriage, survival, and devotion that lies too deep for words."

Lately, I have been lucky enough to find time to read, something I used to always do.  Before I would choose lighthearted romances (i.e. Danielle Steel).  I have absolutely zero interest in reading those romantic novels and I find that I am pulled toward more serious, sometimes bizarre, sometimes real stories.  Either way, I have enjoyed all of the books that I have read recently, probably because they have been recommended to me.  This book, so far, has been my favorite read.  Once again, there are those dark moments, but there is also this undying love between a couple and an extremely devoted dog that make this story heartwarming.  If you want a quick book to read, this is the one to go for.  


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