Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother Is...

I am a mother.  In my opinion, I have the hardest yet most fulfilling job in the world.  My job is one I take very seriously because I want my girls to be safe and smart and above all, happy.  But how do you know what to do to make that happen?  "Mother's Intuition" is a phrase I hear often, and although I agree with it, I truly believe that you cannot go on intuition alone.  You need to learn to be a mom.  You need to learn by the example of another mother.  Lucky for me, I have that teacher.

Throughout my life, I had one person I knew I could always count on.
She is by my side through all of my good and bad times.
Yet at the same time, I know that she will always stand behind me and the choices that I make.
She is a person that I can go to when I need someone to talk to.
She is a person who will never judge me.
She is woman who has sacrificed so much of herself to provide for me.
She is so very smart.
She is so very kind.
She is a person I respect.
She is a person I admire.
She is my friend and I am so lucky to say, 
She is my mother.

My grandmother once said that the greatest hope you can have is that your children grow to be smarter than you.  I agree.  For them, I hope that is true.  For me, the greatest hope that I have is that I can someday be as great of a mother as the the woman who raised me.  So dearest mom, just know that even though today has been declared "Mother's Day", you are a woman I celebrate every day.  You deserve to be recognized.  You are the definition of a good woman and the epitome of a great mother.

I love you and thank you! 

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