Sunday, July 22, 2012

El Mercado

With much of Sunday morning being spent at Sea World, we really didn't have much time left on our mini vacay.
But we were all very hungry and there was one more spot we wanted to go,
the Riverwalk.

But like always, the girls had other plans.
The heat combined with riding on the rides was too much for them and they conked out on the short trip downtown.
Once again, we placed them in their stroller, but we knew that the Riverwalk was out.
With the rocky walking paths and stairs, it is not exactly the most stroller friendly place to walk around.

Instead, we made a change of plans and headed to El Mercado (the market).
This impromptu itinerary change was probably the best decision we made all weekend.
It truly was the highlight of our trip.

As you walk downtown and enter El Mercado, you get the feeling that you have been transported from the U.S. straight into Mexico.
The Spanish music is playing.
People are enjoying "street food".
There are cervezas (beer) for sale every few feet.
And the colors.
Oh my goodness, the colors are spectacular.

While we waited to be seated for our Mexican feast, we tried to find a cooler place for my sleeping girls.
So we sought the cool air of the indoor market.
After looking around a few minutes, we knew this was an experience that Lily and Sophia should not miss out on.
The shops were filled with traditional Mexican gifts.
Although still a little groggy, it didn't take long for the girls to wake when they saw what surrounded them.
"What is this place?' they asked.

Our next hour was spent looking and touching and experiencing the Mexican culture.
This is a part of my babies culture and they needed to experience it.
I feel everyone needs to experience it...
As we left, Lily pretty much summed up how we were all feeling,
"This was the best day ever!"
We all couldn't agree more.

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