Thursday, July 19, 2012

Texas Cousins

Before Arkansas and Houston, San Antonio was our home.
We love getting back there because San Antonio is a city so rich in tradition and it brings back a lot of great  memories of our short time there.
Not to mention, the food is delicious.

From Houston, San Antonio is a mere two and a half hour drive.
Not too bad considering we used to make a two hour drive from Little Rock to Memphis just to go to Costco.

The proximity of this fun city made it easy for us to choose San Antonio as a mini summer vacation destination.
An added bonus was that Joe's cousin, Patrick and his family live there.

So we made a dinner date at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.
The parents chatted and the mini cousins had the chance to get to know each other a little better...
By nights end, these Murphy kids were inseparable.
As I believe it should be with cousins.

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