Monday, October 10, 2011

The Foot Book

Every night for homework, Lily has to have a book read to her.
If she is able to, she is supposed to help us read the book.
By doing this, her teacher is hoping that they will pick up on their sight words and see how often they can be found in books.

Tonight, Lily chose to read this book...
The first time through, she sounded out the words and read about 85% of it herself.
She was beyond elated.
So she read it again.
And again.
She took her time with each word.
Some she knew right away.
Some she sounded out.
But by read thru #4, she no longer needed my help.
She read it all by herself.

There are many milestones that a child does in their life that can make a mom proud.
First steps.
First words.
First "I love you's."
First day of school.

And now this.
My daughter read her first book tonight.
She's five and she is reading.
I am beyond proud of this little girl and her huge milestone.

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