Monday, October 17, 2011


Sometimes there are seemingly bad moments in your life that bring out the best in other people.
These are people who are always good to you and just when you think nothing else can be done, these people go above and beyond any expectation you may have ever had.
These people are few and far between and I am so fortunate to have two of them in my life.

Please let me set the scenario for you:
The other day, as Joe was driving home from work, the car he was driving (my RAV 4) just stopped.
He was driving on the highway, the car made a funny sound and then the power steering locked up.
I picked Joe up and the car was later towed.
Our mind wasn't really on the car, but instead on the meeting Joe was heading to at that precise moment.
The meeting yielded an outcome that made none of us happy.
To add salt to an already festering wound, Toyota called and said it would cost us $5000 to replace the engine.
Was it really worth putting a $5000 engine in a car valued at maybe $1500 that already had 190,000 miles on it?
We had a feeling that something would have to be done with the car next year, but we weren't prepared to have to do anything this soon.
Joe and I kept going back and forth on what to do.

Then I received a call from my dad:
He proceeded to tell me that to help us out until next year, we could borrow their truck.
It was something he and my mom had discussed.
My dad was willing to drive it 2,000 miles to us.
Just so they could help us out.

See that.
The only word to describe what it means to have two people, correction, two parents such as these in my life.
Although we passed on their offer, I will never forget the goodwill they bestowed upon us.
My parents: definitely good people.

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  1. You are so very blessed to have such wonderful, giving and loving parents. I feel the same about my aunt and uncle :)